Sunday, February 25, 2018


Outstanding Sausage

The Farmer's Second Born wanted to make sausage.
The odessy begins with these ingredients.
Pork shoulder and loin.
Vidalia onion
Salt and pepper

The Power Chopper came with The Farmers first electric pressure cooker.
The Power XL died one day after the warranty expired.
The chopper lives on.
The Instant Pot is a much nicer cooker but thats a story for another day.

This took less than 30 seconds WOW!

Gotta get cutting.

Lots of cutting.

Seasoning before the grinding is the trick to an even mix.

The Farmer has a cheap Canadian Tire grinder.
The pieces need to be small enough to fit the through the throat.
An even mix of the pork, bacon, onion, salt and pepper is achieved.

Now we smear the garlic, apple and mushroom over the mix and fold it in.

The Farmers Second Born douses the mix liberally with Bourbon.
Love the action shot!

Now thats a meat ball!!!!
Into the fridge it goes while we clean up the mess.

The Farmer always fries up a few sliders to taste the mix.
He wouldn't want to stuff 40 sausages and find they are lacking in some way.
These were fantastic by the way.

Filling the stuffer's pot is done a bit at a time.
You try to avoid air pockets so it stuffs smoothly.

So thats it 15+ pounds of sausage meat ready to go.

The casing can be purchased at your local butcher.
This was $6 at Country Corner Deli.

The Farmer's Second Born takes control of the crank.

Half way through, the swicheroo.

Nice links MMMMMM.

 This was the first time for this recipe.
It's a keeper.


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