Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thanks Giving 2011

Well its thanks giving already.
The Farmer And The Farmer's Wife hosted the family at the farm.
Its so nice that the farm stayed in the family.
The farm is like the anchor that ties the family together.
Its the one constant during holidays that binds The Farmer's Family.

The Farmers Wife cooked the turkey this year.

The Farmers Kids piling it on.

Ramses is enjoying the cooler weather.

The Farmers Mother checking out The Effingham.
The boat her grandchildren built.

The Farmer found a giant puff ball.
The Farmers Family weren't all that keen on the flavour.
But one has to try eating puff ball once in their life.

The Farmers Son and his very best friend made jack-o-lanterns.

The Farmer and The Framers Wife have been planting garlic as well.
They started with a template with 5 hole spacing but have added more.
The template now has 7 spaces wide.

The count is up to 4956 pieces in.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mouse vs Chestnut

The Farmers Wife was out picking up sweet chestnuts the other day.
She stumbled upon a tragic scene.
 The Farmer and The Farmers Wife 
have often been hit in the head by falling nuts 
and burrs while picking up the chestnut harvest. 
But their heads are much harder than mice heads.
 Maybe the poor thing is just knocked out for a while.
Tomorrow it will have a splitting head ache and have learned a lesson.
Chestnut trees in the fall can be deadly to tiny creatures.
Or maybe the Farmers Cat left it there as a joke.