Monday, April 16, 2018

Petrie Building floor joists for Brothers Brewing

Floor Joist reclamation

The brothers of Brothers Brewing saved these pieces of floor joist from the dumpster
during renovation work on The Petrie Building in Guelph.
It was a truly frustrating time during the brewery's construction.
Delay after delay of the building renovation.
A totally incompetent contractor hired to build out the brewery had to be let go.
The Brothers took on the roll of contracting themselves and did much of the work as well.
So finding little gems like this was a welcome diversion from the stress of building a brewery.
They stashed two of these 135 year old diamonds in the rough away in The Farmers Barn.

 Now with Brothers Brewing open, finding the time to work on projects like this is tough.

So here is where The Father er ah .. The Farmer comes in.
Firstly the two boards must be separated.
They have been one for 135 years so this might take some effort.

The Farmer felt a bit of guilt at splitting these besties up.

It only took a hammer, though the sledge was close by.

Once the space was large enough to double up the wedges it was easy going.

Sand and bits of small gravel fell from between the two boards.
Hard to believe that it was from the boots of customers of the old pharmacy.
135 year old dirt tells no tales so The Farmer plodded on with the task at hand

Time to remove the hand forged iron nails that bound these boards for all these years.
They would make short work of The Farmers sanding belt.

A few hours later the sanding is complete.
Here is side A

Here is side B

One board flipped to hide the cross brace cut out for the mortis and tennon joint and 
there you have it.

Fairly flat boards that await being made into a stand up bar.
No longer structural support taken for granted by those who stand above.
After 135 years being burried under foot, these beauties will be part of the party.
Customers of Brothers Brewing will now welcome them as they 
support their libations and nosh.

While enjoying Brothers Brewing's many fine beer flavours, take a moment to 
view the edge of these fine boards.
You will see the lines where each floor boad lay for over a century.
The faces of the boards show the saw cuts that turned a stately tree into supports for a floor that stood strong for 135 years and will surely last for 100 more.
Minus these pieces of course. They will support libations and nosh for 100 more.
Cheers from The Farmer.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


The Farmer awoke to this awful sight.
Something must be done!
Winter is such a desolate time on the farm.

So Mumm's sprouting seeds to the rescue.
Mumm's uses non gmo organic un treated seed.
The Farmer has chosen broccoli seed this time.

 This is so simple.
 Even in The Farmer's aggravated state it can be done.
A wide mouth canning jar, a piece of screen, an elastic band,
a table spoon and a pack of seed are all you need.

Just dump them into the jar and add water.
6 to 8 hours soaking does the trick.

Once they have been soaked and drained they will begin to germinate.
The Farmer rinses them twice a day.
Just fill the jar with warer and invert it for a while to drain.

Day 2

 Day 3

Day 4

 Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 is the magic day.
Pop the screen off the jar.

 The Farmer has saved a plastic container.
The Farmer's Wife had bought sprouts at the grocery store.
At $3 The Farmer thought there must be a cheaper way.
So .......hmmm.......GOOGLE IT!
Voila! Mumm's

They don't look like much until, with the help of a fork they are revealed

 They make an impressive sight when they aren't squeezed into the jar.

 A folded paper towel in the bottom of the container so they dry a bit.
The Farmer wouldn't want them to go slimey.
They won't last long enough for that to happen he is sure.

Top on and into the refrigerator.
The Farmer is now a winter time counter top farmer.
It's so nice to see green. Isn't it?

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Outstanding Sausage

The Farmer's Second Born wanted to make sausage.
The odessy begins with these ingredients.
Pork shoulder and loin.
Vidalia onion
Salt and pepper

The Power Chopper came with The Farmers first electric pressure cooker.
The Power XL died one day after the warranty expired.
The chopper lives on.
The Instant Pot is a much nicer cooker but thats a story for another day.

This took less than 30 seconds WOW!

Gotta get cutting.

Lots of cutting.

Seasoning before the grinding is the trick to an even mix.

The Farmer has a cheap Canadian Tire grinder.
The pieces need to be small enough to fit the through the throat.
An even mix of the pork, bacon, onion, salt and pepper is achieved.

Now we smear the garlic, apple and mushroom over the mix and fold it in.

The Farmers Second Born douses the mix liberally with Bourbon.
Love the action shot!

Now thats a meat ball!!!!
Into the fridge it goes while we clean up the mess.

The Farmer always fries up a few sliders to taste the mix.
He wouldn't want to stuff 40 sausages and find they are lacking in some way.
These were fantastic by the way.

Filling the stuffer's pot is done a bit at a time.
You try to avoid air pockets so it stuffs smoothly.

So thats it 15+ pounds of sausage meat ready to go.

The casing can be purchased at your local butcher.
This was $6 at Country Corner Deli.

The Farmer's Second Born takes control of the crank.

Half way through, the swicheroo.

Nice links MMMMMM.

 This was the first time for this recipe.
It's a keeper.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sun Dried Tomatoes (Sun Free)

Dehydrator Dried Tomatoes
It just doesn't sound as good as 
Sun Dried Tomatoes

Any way here we go.
The Farmer is quite pleased with the tomato harvest this year.
Lots of freezer bags full put away for winter sauces and soups.
Now for the dried stuff.

The Farmer was out early picking.

He set the dehydrator to preheat

It took a while to slice up nine trays of tomatoes and salt them up.

Having parchment paper down was to stop dripping.
The salting was done on the cutting board so the parchment is nice and clean.
Pink Himalayan salt for those who care to know.

So here they go into the artificial sunlight to dry.
There are nine shelves but getting them all in view was to precarious.
The Farmer didn't want any falling to the ground.

Time to take a peek.

Wow almost three hours for that?
The Farmer isn't pleased with the parchment idea.
There is way to much moisture being held in place.
He won't be using that next time.

 The Farmer checked a few times in the evening and found little change.
Somewhat upsetting.
Hydro One is gonna be happy though.
The Farmer checked again just before bed and saw some progress.
He did feel somewhat defeated as he dozed off.
Morning came with the excitement of a child at 
Christmas/Eid/Hanukkah (alphabetically correct order here)
His excitement was short lived though.
The Farmer had forgotten to reset the timer on Excalibur before retiring.
Everything was cold and wet still.
This was not a photo op.
 hence no photo.

After another two hours The Farmer was able to peel the slices free of the parchment.
Four hours later the booty was piled high on The Farmers counter.
Much happier times.

The Farmers Wife spread them all out and sorted the odd little ones.
She asked to have them ground for her evening popcorn.

So The Farmer broke out the trusty little coffee grinder and did as requested.
A happy Farmers wife = a happy Farmer
Some of the slices saved in a paper bag in the herb cupboard.
The rest vaccume sealed and into the deep freeze.

The Farmer hopes you enjoyed the post and found it somewhat enlightening