Monday, October 27, 2014

Jalapeno hot sauce

The Farmer has been working on hot sauce
There were dreams of tons of red jalapenos
Alas only dreams this year.
Cold nights all summer and frost coming
So The Farmer headed out reluctantly and picked them green

The next task was dangerous business
Playing the mandolin with a jalapeno takes a level head
Tips of fingers are an unwelcome addition to the sauce

Layering into the crock with sprinklings of pickling salt as if making saurkraut
The farmer isn't shy with the salt after all these peppers will brine for at least a month

A pie plate fit over the top weighted down with a canning jar of water 
helps keep everything submerged
A few cups of water were stirred in to assure enough liquid to cover
Now the wait begins

The Farmer had almost forgotten about the fermenting peppers
With the end of October looming and a day unspoken for it was time
After cleaning the spoiled peppers from the edges around the plate
into the pot they go drained but not rinsed with four cups of water
Simmered for an hour adding a cup of sugar and a tbsp of vanilla
Then into the food processor on high to liquify

Pressed through the sieve and set the seed pulp aside to be dehydrated and ground
The Farmer has never made use of the seeds and pulp before 
the result will have to wait for another blog

  The sauce is ready for bottling and some for freezing
The Farmers bottles are repurposed and not blogable


Thank you neighbor

The Farmers Neighbor called
She had extra sweet peppers to pass along

Thank you Fran
The nice thing about peppers is they don't require blanching
Just cut them up and freeze them
This should last well into winter