Friday, August 10, 2012

A pound of garlic

The Farmer gets asked "what does a pound of garlic looks like?" all the time.
Well a pound of garlic has many different looks depending on the heads sizes.
In this pic there are two versions of a pound one has 6 heads and one has 11.

The farmer sells these for $5 a pound.
To contact The Farm email
or call 905-892-8106

Another version of the pound is the 3oz bottle of toasted garlic powder.
The Farmer sells these in a limited quantity for $7

Here is a rundown of the process.

The Farmer Peels the garlic.

The Farmer peels lots of garlic.

Then The Farmer sets up in a nice shaded area.

The Farmer then chops and chops and chops.
He spreads the slices out in the dehydrator.

After 24 hours The Farmer grinds the dry garlic and bottles it.
The heat of this dehydrator is high enough to lightly toast the slices.
That gives the mix a bit of a dark look and a light toasty flavour.

The Farmer calls it Toasted garlic.
The process is tedious at best.
The Farmer only makes a limited quantity of this product.