Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Festival Wagon

The Festival Wagon Project

Its been quite some time since the farmer blogged.
He retired a year and a half ago after 30 years working for the man.
So now he can't figure out how he had time to work.
Many projects have come and gone.
He is gleefuly doing things he wants to do for a change.
Thing is though without work stealing his life away things don't seem as bloggable,
Its just his life now and he's loving it.

Any way to the task at hand.
The Farmer's Granddaughter is two now.
She needs a ride.
Not just any ride she needs a stylish ride that will set her appart from the rest.
But she can't drive , cycling is still a ways off an a tricycle is just soooo normal.
So Pops and Granny.
AKA The Farmer and The Farmers Wife have decided to get creative.

Behold the Gypsy Caravan / Festival Wagon project

Pops has done his part now
Granny is creating the Gypsy art that will adorn the sides and back.

So all the art was complete so Jan 26th it all came together.
In The Farmers 180 year old dingy basement.

Next stop will be the big city.