Sunday, March 11, 2018


The Farmer awoke to this awful sight.
Something must be done!
Winter is such a desolate time on the farm.

So Mumm's sprouting seeds to the rescue.
Mumm's uses non gmo organic un treated seed.
The Farmer has chosen broccoli seed this time.

 This is so simple.
 Even in The Farmer's aggravated state it can be done.
A wide mouth canning jar, a piece of screen, an elastic band,
a table spoon and a pack of seed are all you need.

Just dump them into the jar and add water.
6 to 8 hours soaking does the trick.

Once they have been soaked and drained they will begin to germinate.
The Farmer rinses them twice a day.
Just fill the jar with warer and invert it for a while to drain.

Day 2

 Day 3

Day 4

 Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 is the magic day.
Pop the screen off the jar.

 The Farmer has saved a plastic container.
The Farmer's Wife had bought sprouts at the grocery store.
At $3 The Farmer thought there must be a cheaper way.
So .......hmmm.......GOOGLE IT!
Voila! Mumm's

They don't look like much until, with the help of a fork they are revealed

 They make an impressive sight when they aren't squeezed into the jar.

 A folded paper towel in the bottom of the container so they dry a bit.
The Farmer wouldn't want them to go slimey.
They won't last long enough for that to happen he is sure.

Top on and into the refrigerator.
The Farmer is now a winter time counter top farmer.
It's so nice to see green. Isn't it?

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