Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sun Dried Tomatoes (Sun Free)

Dehydrator Dried Tomatoes
It just doesn't sound as good as 
Sun Dried Tomatoes

Any way here we go.
The Farmer is quite pleased with the tomato harvest this year.
Lots of freezer bags full put away for winter sauces and soups.
Now for the dried stuff.

The Farmer was out early picking.

He set the dehydrator to preheat

It took a while to slice up nine trays of tomatoes and salt them up.

Having parchment paper down was to stop dripping.
The salting was done on the cutting board so the parchment is nice and clean.
Pink Himalayan salt for those who care to know.

So here they go into the artificial sunlight to dry.
There are nine shelves but getting them all in view was to precarious.
The Farmer didn't want any falling to the ground.

Time to take a peek.

Wow almost three hours for that?
The Farmer isn't pleased with the parchment idea.
There is way to much moisture being held in place.
He won't be using that next time.

 The Farmer checked a few times in the evening and found little change.
Somewhat upsetting.
Hydro One is gonna be happy though.
The Farmer checked again just before bed and saw some progress.
He did feel somewhat defeated as he dozed off.
Morning came with the excitement of a child at 
Christmas/Eid/Hanukkah (alphabetically correct order here)
His excitement was short lived though.
The Farmer had forgotten to reset the timer on Excalibur before retiring.
Everything was cold and wet still.
This was not a photo op.
 hence no photo.

After another two hours The Farmer was able to peel the slices free of the parchment.
Four hours later the booty was piled high on The Farmers counter.
Much happier times.

The Farmers Wife spread them all out and sorted the odd little ones.
She asked to have them ground for her evening popcorn.

So The Farmer broke out the trusty little coffee grinder and did as requested.
A happy Farmers wife = a happy Farmer
Some of the slices saved in a paper bag in the herb cupboard.
The rest vaccume sealed and into the deep freeze.

The Farmer hopes you enjoyed the post and found it somewhat enlightening

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