Thursday, August 24, 2017

How To Make Beef Jerky

So you want to know how to make beef jerky?
Let The Farmer show you how easy it is.
First things first.
Log in to Amazon and order a dehydrator.
The Farmer bought this one.
Now wait and wait and wait.
Actualy it didn't take to long.

 Unpack carefully
The box has a little crease but all in all it looks good.

Little wrinkle on the bottom of the inner box.

Looks good so far


 Once The Farmer calmed down he removd the jammed trays.
The body of the unit is bowed a bit but not enough for the trays to slip out.
So ahead we go.

This will be the chosen spot for the inaugural run.

 The controls are intact so all is well.

 The chosen cut is inside round.
The farmer used his knife skills to filet away most of the fat.

 The portion size is determined and the slicing begins.

 Cutting a consistent size is a bit tricky but
The Farmer is no stranger to cutting meat.

First batch is to be done with a dry rub.
Himalayan pink salt, Frank's dry seasoning, 
The Farmer's own organic chilli pepper powder.
Garlic powder and smoked paprika.
Nothing measured here just wing it.

 All stacked up and wrapped up now into the fridge.

Next is a wet marinade.
Worchestershire sauce, Garden coctail,
The Farmers organic chilli pepper powder,
Himalayan pink salt and of course Garlic powder.

All bagged up and into the fridge.
Now The Farmer has to wait again.
Ti'll the next morning.

The Farmer wants to make sure the machine is working propperly.
After all it has never been used.
So a meat thermometer is placed on the middle shelf 
to make sure things are what they should be.

 The heater works fine.
It took a while to get to temperature.
It was a cool morning.

 The controlls are easy enough to set.
Old fashiond twist controllers.
No digital display to die on you.
Also cheap to replace if they go.

Now for the meat!

 It fits nicely on the tray and smells amazing

 The wet marinade needed to be drained and wiped off.

Looking good!

 One tray of dry rub and two of the wet marinade.
All ready to dehydrate.

The microwave says its time to go.

 The Farmer thinks he should have bought more meat.

Guess what time it is now.

Time to rotate the trays and check out the progress.
Looking good enough to eat.

Time to do more tending to the lovelies.

The trays turned again and this time The Farmer flipped each piece over.

 The magic number.
Woo Hoo!!!

They look and feel great.
They are bendable not brittle.
They smell fantastic and taste amazing

One last close up.
You can almost taste them can't you?

The Farmer already owns the vacuum sealer.
Thank goodness if not you would be subjected to more Amazon foolishness.

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