Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The Farmer and the farmers wife have recently decided to play shepherd / shepherdess.
They started this September with three organic mixed breed meet lambs from Zeta Farms.
Then at the end of January they added a purebred Romney ram from Willow Farm.
As is usually the case they didn't think to take pictures right away.
Living life rather than photographing it is one fault they both share.
After the snow was flying they remembered the camera.
Here are some shots the farmer took.
You can see why the farmer isn't the photographer
The farmers wife playing shepherdess
Its cold but our new ram appears to be equipped for that no brass monkey issues here 

Meet Ramses he is a handsome fella
Coco Chanel she likes to be covered in hay that will be a pain to clean out once she is shorn
Annie named after the farmers wives grandmother Anastasia
And Lastly Gracie after the farmers grandmother Grace
Well that's all for now 
Hopefully the romp in the hay in January will soon bring little ones to photograph

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