Friday, April 1, 2011


This past fall the Farmer and the Farmers Wife planted just over 4000 head of Garlic
The crop has a mixture of varieties.

This is the main garlic started it in 2004
 Northern Quebec
Planted in the fall of 2010
Persian Star
Planted in the fall of 2010
 Yugoslavian Porcelain
Planted in the fall of 2010
 Chesnok Red
Planted in the fall of 2010
 Forbes Wild Canadian
A gift from Johnathan Forbes
Planted in the fall of 2005
Its very similar to Magic but the cloves are not as tall.
It's scapes come later in the season and are shorter as well
 Red Rezan
Planted in the fall of 2010
Planted in the fall of 2010
The new varieties he planted this fall were purchased from various sources.
As he gets to know them he will decide if he will continue to grow any or all of them.
Northern Quebec and Leningrad only have 4 large cloves.
So from a replanting standpoint 4 to 1 isn't all that appealing.
That said they are very large heads that could possibly equal 4 or 5 heads per pound.
The Flavour of course will also be a factor in the decision.
Persian Star and Chesnok Red are a beautiful deep red
The heads are much smaller though maybe 7 to 10 per pound.
So they could take up to twice the planting room and labour.

Once the blanket of snow has cleared he will post some pics of their progress

Next post the Farmer may introduce you to the Sheep.

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