Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The farmer purchased some apple firewood.
As you can see by the boot the pieces are rather large

The depth of the pile is 5 rows

The width of the pile is about 10 rows 
A few pieces were cut to shorter lengths but not many

Without the help of the farmers two youngest sons 
the farmer would have had a heart attack.
The farmer moved about 1/2 a load.
The sons did the other 2 1/2 loads.
The farmer drove the 20min runs between farms though.
He hitched up all 30 horses A.K.A.
The Kabota to the 6 X12 cube trailer and set off.
Each run was colder than the previous one.
He was pretty much frozen by the end of the day.
The sons sat at home eating drinking and relaxing.
When the cell phone call came in they hopped into the car
5 minutes later they would hop out toss the wood in and zip back home.
Where the farmers wife would feed them again.
Well worth it to the farmer.
At the end there were 6 pieces left.
The farmer went back the next day to get them.
That's when the back decided it had had enough.
So here the farmer sits with a spasm in the right side of his back.
With a huge pile of wood needing to be sawed up and split.
Maybe it's time to show the boys how the chainsaw works.

The reason for taking the wood is twofold
When the 5 kids come to the farm there is almost always a campfire.
And secondly cooking with apple wood is simply delicious.
Here is a sample a pork loin roast roasted to perfection.
   Have a nice day

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