Monday, September 8, 2014

Gluten Free Lasagna

The Farmers Gluten Free Lasagna

The Farmer got into the gluten free baking again
This time it was an all day event
The making of gluten free lasagna noodles
was a messy camera free zone.
The Farmer used Jeanne's recipes from
It was a tough go but The Farmer is stubborn
Thus Voila!
Now The Farmers Wife made a cream sauce and veggie filling
The Farmer and The Farmers Wife are avid carnivores but not today
 The Farmer whipped up some kale and ricotta and egg for the cheese lair
 Then it was time for the pans
 Fill em up
 A pizza cheese topping
Ready for the oven
 350 for 30 minutes
 Chop up some parsley
uncover and sprinkle
Cook for another 30 minutes uncovered
All done and ready to enjoy
First Piece came out nicely
The Farmer is very pleased with the gluten free quality noodles
Happy gluten free eating!


  1. Do these noodles handle well? I have not made lasagna in years because of needing gluten free noodles. Would love to try this soon.

  2. A bit of a chore to run through the pasta machine crumbled edges.
    The pizza cutter made a nice edge though.
    The cut off pieces were collected and watered to soften at the end.
    They were the easiest to work with.
    Next time a bit of water will be added at the start maybe that will be helpful.
    They were perfect after boiling just like gluten noodles.