Friday, August 15, 2014

Gluten Free Meat Pie

MMM Gluten Free Meat Pie

So The Farmer's middle child has gluten issues
This need not be a life altering thing
The Farmer stumbled on a great resource
Art Of Gluten Free Baking
Jeanne has developed many wonderful recipes
As The Farmer was browsing he came across
Pie Crust
He thought for a short moment and it was clear
The boy needs meat pie

So he packed up The Farmers Wife into the van
Its off to the Bulk Barn for ingredients

The base for the recipe is  
The walk through the Bulk Barn started on the gluten side of the store
So The Farmer saw the wide array of goodies available
Flower, soup mixes, nuts, candies, teas. etc etc etc
The last aisle was the gluten free area
With the keen eye of The Farmers Wife all ingredients were found
A little measure and mix and voila
Need Meat !
Pupo's Food Market triple mix
 Onions are needed
After cooking the mushrooms peas were added but not in the pic
The Farmers Wife was to shy to be photographed Peaing into the meat
 So with the filler done the next step is the crust
It was The Farmers idea so its The Farmers job
The Farmer used a simple wire hand dough mixer to cut in the shortening
The vinegar he used was rice
The water hard drilled well water 2 tbsps

 This dough is so light and fluffy
Not at all like the bullet proof stuff 
The Farmer is used to making with wheat flower
To pick it up was a real treat
Lucky the idea was to make small pies

The Farmer is pleased with how they are turning out

Into the oven @ 350 for 40 minutes

After 20 minutes The Farmer thought they should have had 
egg wash brushed on top so it was quickly done

The beautiful result of  a few hours work

$30 for 7 pies thats $4.30 each
Who says eating gluten free is to costly
Also there is still lots of 
Left over
Enough for another two batches at least

Also this is all left over as well.
Not enough to create more flour mix 
but very little else needed to create a few more batches

 So The Farmer's Middle Child will have a few gluten free meals
Thanks Jeanne
Check out her site:


  1. Hi Farmer! I like this recipe too and have been using it for a couple years. I reduce the water by half and like that even better. I use a Birds Hill Enterprises Small Pie Press to form 5" pot pies for my family and they love it. We also make a gluten free pie dough that uses mashed potatoes in it from the Birds Hill web site and non gluten free family members prefer it over the regular pie dough. Looks great! Thanks for posting makes me think its time to make pot pies again.

  2. The Farmer never thought of using a press to make the dough.
    He has one for making pitas and is now thinking as you are that it may be time to make pies again.