Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wool Combs

Wool Combs

Well The Farmer finally buckled to the pressure to not waste wool.
The sheep must be sheared yearly but The Farmer doesn't use the wool.
Till now that is.

The post master thought for sure The Farmer had become a friend to the birds.
With the shape of this package who could blame him.

Wool Combs from Benjamin Green Studio

Ben is proud enough of his work to sign it.
The Farmer thinks that's a good sign.

Just clamp to the counter and he is ready to comb.

One comb gets placed in the holder.

Fleece gets added

Now comb through with the other comb taking little bits at a time.

When the fibers are transferred to the hand held comb switch it with the one in the holder.

After three or four combings it looks very soft and uniform.

Pulling it bit by bit through a small hole makes a roving ready to spin into yarn.
The Farmer used an old house key for this job.

So there you have it all The Farmer needs now is a spinner.
That will be a future blog.

Ben designed a nice tool.
The dark walnut accents give it a classic look.

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  1. I think the best part of making combs is seeing people who use and love them. Thanks for the very kind words.
    Ben @ The Benjamin Green Studio