Sunday, July 28, 2013

Spinning Yarn


The Farmer spins yarn
No not spins a yarn he actually spins yarn
After years of not making use of the sheep's wool he has invested in a spinning wheel.

A DIZ was another addition to the fiber arsenal
The rovings that The Farmer made previously were a bit uneven
A house key and later a cardboard piece with a hole punched in it didn't do the trick

This little beauty makes the spinning much easier
With a nice even roving there are less surprises to deal with.

The Farmer And The Farmers Wife took turns taking the machine for a ride
An E-Spinner was chosen to take the feet out of the learning curve
One day, after getting the hang of the hands they will try a treadle machine

All the rovings that The Farmer made were spun up on Saturday morning.
So its back to the wool combs to make more.

The two very nice gentlemen at 
 in Jordan Ontario were very helpful
The machine was ordered and arrived 5 days later
A short lesson on how to spin was given
An invitation to Sundays Spin In was offered as well
Unfortunately its garlic season so 
The Farmer and The Farmers Wife were unable to attend
Another time they will make time

The Farmer And The Farmers Wife agree that this is an addictive little machine

Next post may be on plying yarn in the lazy kate

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