Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mulching The Garlic

Spring has sprung and weed season is fast approaching.
The Farmer is not a fan of weeds.
They appear as if by magic, Black Magic to be precise.
The garlic is ahead of the weeds so far,
The Farmer wants to keep it that way.

This was three weeks ago

The sprouts have lost their blanket of snow

It is now the first week of April.
All the snow is gone and the ground has dried.
The Farmer made a few calls and found straw.
100 bales of straw.

The ground is dry enough to walk on.
The cracks are a spring thing there is still lots of moisture there

 The Farmer invested in a bale mulching machine this spring.

Inside this device are blades attached to a shaft that spins.
As the blades spin the Tub slowly rotates. 
A blower blows the chopped straw down a 25 foot hose.
The Farmer sprays the straw like water over the garlic.

The hose is lying beside the bales

The Farmers Wife did the loading job while The Farmer applied a nice coat onto the garlic

 It looks beautiful with 50 bales applied.
The Farmer and The Farmers Wife are very itchy.
They will leave this for a while and see how it holds in the wind.
A nice rain would help but for now they wait.
50 more bales await their fate.


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