Friday, April 19, 2013

Coconut Chicken

Coconut Chicken has been on The Farmers mind all week
The Farmers Friend posted the recipe on facebook
The Farmers Friend was announcing that
The Farmers Friends Wife was making the dish for supper
The Farmer has been obsessed ever since
So today he stopped at Pupo's Grocery in Welland
Boneless skinless were on sale this week

A small bag of sweetened coconut

One coffee grinder

Pulse till fine

Add bread crumbs to coconut in a baking dish
Never measure just wing it til you like the mix

 Slice the chicken in strips

 Dredge them in flower

 Flower all of them before the next step

 Now into beaten egg on the way to the bread crumb coconut mix

 Cover them completely with the mixture

 A parchment paper covered cookie sheet will help the cleanup
Convection at 350 f for 1/2 hour then flip
Another 5 to 10 minutes should do the trick

Just enough to get a golden tinge

A bit of hot chili sauce on the side takes the edge off the coconut

Some leftover fish crisp mix came in handy 
There was just a bit of extra chicken

Fish crisp is meant to be fried so these have a bit of powder on them
Not a problem for The Farmers Family
Baked is much healthier

All in all a wonderful recipe
Tasty and moist just the way you would want chicken

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