Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lambing 2013

Lambing Time
Well its year three of The Farmers sheep experience.
The Farmer and The Farmers Wife have been excited for weeks now.
Three expectant mothers all nearing their time.

Two weeks ago The Farmers Wife found this treat during her morning trip to the barn

A boy and a girl were the first arrivals of 2013

Two weeks old and eating hay already

Time to get free access to the outdoors

 How cute are they

The Farmers next expectant couple

Another morning surprise for The Farmers Wife
Its another set of twins a boy and a girl again 

They are very new

Important first drink

 Mom will lick them clean

The Farmer added a heat lamp to help warm them up.

A quick nap should do the trick

Getting to know one another

The Farmer will  leave them in a private area for a week or two
They will bond and momma will get a chance to rest.

Day two and a morning snack

They appear to like the camera

That's two down and one to go

The Farmer will blog again after the next birth
The new ewe came to the farm pregnant
She is a purebred Romney like The Farmers Ram
The Farmer is unsure of her due date but she looks close.

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