Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sock Knitting Machine

The Farmer makes socks

He uses a circular sock knitting machine.
It is a reproduction of an antique one made in New Zealand.
He has wanted a genuine antique machine but they are hard to find.
One day while sitting in a little restaurant
in Port Colbourne Ontario something caught his eye.
Across the room in a basket of knitting paraphernalia 
he saw a part he recognized sticking out of the pile.
It was an old rusty relic sock knitting machine.
An offer was made to the restaurant owner.
She had to ask her mother if it was OK to sell it.
 Her grandmother was the original owner and she felt 
that asking her mom would be the right thing to do.
The following week it was agreed.
The Farmer would take it home.

It took some time to free up seized parts.
It had needles rusted in place that had to move to get it apart.

They did eventually come free.

Everything was extremely rusty.
This may have been a waste of money.
The Farmer doesn't give up easily though.

So apart it came

Bit by bit

 Screw by screw

Once disassembled it was time for a good cleaning.
Simple green was applied liberally 
Everything was scrubbed clean of grease.
Then a purchase was made that would make or break the project.

The advertisement in Lee Valley tools sounded to good to be true.
But WOW this stuff worked wonders.
The parts soaked in it for 24 hours then were rinsed off dried and oiled. 

 The rust just disappeared

 A few missing parts to find though.
A pin to fit the ribbing attachment for now will be a bolt.

 The mast that holds the yarn guide is a piece of steel from the Canadian Tire store.

The buckle to hold weights on the work is missing as well.
The one with the reproduction machine will do for now.

 Without the yarn mast up 
trying to run the ribber wasn't an option during this photo op.

 A nice job of stockinette stitch.

 The Farmer and family will have nice warm feet this winter



  1. Wow ! Such wonderful storytelling! 8) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Anonymous
    It was a wonderful find.

  3. Thanks Farmers Child

  4. I am so late with this comment - my excuse is I have only JUST found your blog - but the machine and all the work you have put into it is AMAZING. Looks like many a pair of beautiful socks will come from it!

    1. Thanks Guyra Girl

      Never to late for a compliment.