Friday, February 17, 2012

More on the Brewry

The pressure to continue the beer blog has become to much for The Farmer.
The inaugural brew is still a little ways off.
But Th Farmer has taken some more pictures for you.
The system is complete so here is a look see.

First The Farmer's Son is busy hooking up to the control panel.
Kind of like a mad scientist.

The completed control panel powered up and waiting.

 The bottom of the panel.

 The brewing vessels.
 Inside the hot liquor tank.
The kettle is filled with water and brought to a high temperature.
This heats the liquid traveling through the copper coil.

The liquid wort is created when hot water is circulated through grains.
The grain is suspended with a false bottom and liquid is drawn out under it.
It is circulated through the copper coin and back to the top of the grain bed.

Once the wort is ready it is transferred to this vessel .
Here it simmers with hops until its time to cool it down.
It is then fermented with yeast to create the alcohol.

Lids are all in place and ready to go.

There is a bit of a learning curve to the temperature control modules.
Once this issue has been figured out it will be time to brew.
The Farmer will update after the first brew is complete.

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