Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brewing control box

Its been quite a while since The Farmer felt any life events were worth blogging about.
The Farmer's Son has changed that by asking The Farmer to help with his project.
The Farmers Son is a student Brew Master at Niagara College.
He has been working on a brewing system of his own for the last few months.
Now its time to build the control panel

You would think it should be simple enough to control heat and circulation.

Heat dispersion is an issue when switching 220 volts for heaters.

Tesla never figured out how to transmit electricity wirelessly.
So plug outlets are required

You need to turn the system on and off safely.
A power light and safety switch does the trick.

Oh yes don't forget all the elements must be connected

They are in the lid and in the box itself.

The Farmer's Wife wants the kitchen table back.

The Farmer was glad that he spent 3 years building vending machines.
When the Farmers Son asked for help wiring this project up.
The Farmers son sourced all the parts and designed the layout.
Parts from Canada USA and even China.
Its hard to believe how tough it is to find this type of  equipment.
Any way The Farmer is awed by the Farmers Son's talent.
He really enjoyed being asked to help in a small way with the project.
Maybe once its all together The Farmer will ask permission 
to show the finished system in another post.


  1. Where's the post where you flick the switch Dad?! Come on, get with the program!

  2. The Farmer has no control of the speed at which The Farmers Son works on the project. The Farmers son is hard at work most days in the brew master program at Niagara College and this is a side project. But the inaugural brew is very close.