Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wool Carding

The Farmer and Wife went for a drive out to Fiber Garden in Jordan today.
Since sheering the sheep this summer there has been some wool just sitting around doing nothing.
This isn't what the master plan was for it.
So carding and spinning had to be addressed.
They purchased a set of hand carders and a drop spindle.
This should be an interesting endeavor for both The Farmer and his Wife.

The Farmer carded a bit of the Romney fiber
It carded up nicely he thinks

This is what the hooks look like on the cards

The spindle is a rather simple tool it hangs stick down.
You spin it and feed the carded wool evenly as it is spun into yarn.
Sounds easy but the farmer isn't ready to show the fruit of his labour quite yet.
More practice is needed much more practice.

So for now here is a alternate fruit of The Farmers Labour

They look like candy don't they.
The Farmer took a very small bite.

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  1. ha ha...nice... I will knit a scarf if you spin me the wool...nice and thick please!