Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pickled Hot Peppers

The Farmer picked a small basket of Giant Chile peppers.
Seeing the basket as a challenge he decided they must be pickled.
He and the wife sat down at the kitchen table and peeled garlic for an hour or so.
The Farmer dug out the mandolin slicer and began the tedious job of slicing peppers.
They are so nice when sliced thinly and pickled with lots of garlic.
The garlic takes on heat and the peppers take on garlic flavour.
They each tame down enough to be eaten without cooking.

 Some of the garlic cloves are huge so they will have to sit a while.
Maybe with the Christmas lamb feast.


  1. Nice job...and sure to ward off any colds as the seasons change!

  2. did you say "christmas lamb feast"????

    - james

  3. Yes James The Farmer said Christmas lamb feast.
    The idea of eating happy animals raised in an ethical manner on a sustainable farm is what The Farmer and The Farmers Wife are trying to do here on the farm.

  4. can't wait to eat your lambs. the ethicality with which they were raised will be tasty:)