Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Well another Tuesday birth
This time the farmer and the Farmer's Wife were talking to
the Farmers Daughter's Father In-law.
He had stopped by the farm for some cherry tomatoes.
While they were all chatting it up beside the house the Sheep were fussing about in the barn.
The Farmers Wife went and peaked in to see what was going on.
Quickly she popped back out exclaiming that there was little black baby in there.

Her name is Ruby Tuesday

Brand new and faceing the wrong direction.

Standing and still camers shy

Nice profile

Lots of cleaning to do mom

Thursday Morning 
Still lots of licking and sniffing going on

Standing guard

The top of the head appears to be the only trait of the father.
Her legs may be a little thicker than moms as well.

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