Saturday, July 23, 2011

Harvest time

The Farmer has been busy lately.
Its harvest time in the garden for garlic and cabbage.
As you can see the patch is looking emptier.

The Farmer likes to braid some of his garlic.
They get to be displayed in the farm house kitchen.
These garlic have been chosen as the lucky ones.

Here are some examples of the finished braids
The Farmers Wife likes the rustic look of a braid with the roots left on.

A wine U brew place near by gave the farmer some empty grape bins.
They are from last years September grape harvest to use in the drying process.

The Cabbage is ready as well

The farmer planted way to much lettuce.
He and the wife enjoy salad every day.

Zuccini any one ?

No rain for 6 weeks.
Temperatures in the high 30's.
It could melt anyones love of gardening
But the Farmer presses on digging the garlic.
With a shovel by the way.

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