Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Lamb

The Farmer was out picking garlic scapes this morning at 6 am.
His beautiful calm morning was being disturbed by the constant commotion in the barn.
The sheep were all baaing like crazy. 
So after listening for 10 minutes he went to check out what all the excitement was about.
One of the girls had a fluid sac protruding from her hind end.
Every one knew it didn't belong there.
The farmer shooed the others out and closed  off the doorway.
With a fence panel in place to keep light and fresh air coming in he went back to tell the wife.
The labor took another hour and a half or so.
The lamb was coming with only one leg out and one folded back.
That made things difficult for both animals and it took a while to get the lamb up and eating.
All wet and new
Mama Cleaning

Finally standing up

All is well the Farmer will post some more pictures 
after the baby is clean and jumping around.

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