Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And then there were two

The farmer and the farmers wife had a long night.
Around 1am they started hearing baahing from the barn direction.
Nothing serious just a few baahs every 15 minutes or so.
Just enough to perk one up out of rem.
And so it went on and on through the night.
It didn't seem like a distressed animal at all just one or two bleats at a time.
Just enough to keep the Farmers listning in case things should become more intense.
Things quieted around 4 and they drifted off to sleep.
No need to count sheep as the hours had taken their toll.
The morning brought a nice suprise when the farmers wife went out for the paper.
A brand new life in the paddock a handsome young man she calls Rudolph.
Due to the tiny trait passed on from mom who has a very dappled face.

As you can see mom isn't the prevelant genome here only the tip of the nose.

Everyone is welcoming Rudy even dad Ramses is singing his praises

He appears to be checking out the other food dispensers in the paddock.

He ? Yes were sure.

Bye Bye

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