Thursday, April 7, 2016

Home Made Sausage

Sausage 101

The Farmer is always pricing meat
When the price is right its sausage time
$1.99 per pound this time round.

Here it is all sliced to fit grinder's throat size

The Farmer and The Farmers Wife
enjoy creating new flavours
This time it was wonderful

4 onions 4 peppers chopped

4tbsp Montreal chicken spice
2tbsp Fennel seed
1tbsp cayanne
1tbsp sugar
Grind in coffee grinder till powder

Soak the casings as well

The Farmer tried a new technique this time
instead of dipping the pieces of meat in the spice mix
he spread the meat out and evenly sprinkled the spices

The onion and peppers were evenly spread as well
This way grinding accross the pile keeps the mix even

Dump and mix by hand a bit

It should be fairly evenly mixed by now

The Farmer always cooks up a bit before stuffing
You can't add anything after its in the casing

Now fill the stuffer and load the casing onto the tube

Leave a few inches or the meat will blow past the seal

Crank until the mixture is at the end of the tube

Tie a knot and away we go
Set the oven to 350 to preheat

One revolution on the crank of this machine makes a nice 10 inch link.
The Farmers Wife cranks and The Farmer twists the links and cuts them
After cranking a few out they get some into the oven
they'll be hungry when they're done

Counting the ones in the oven they cranked out 33 sausages
The casings ran out and they didn't want to open new ones
1.5 lbs of left over mix will be fried up and put with pasta tomorrow

The Farmer and The Farmers Family feast tonight

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