Friday, July 6, 2012

Garlic 2012

Well it was an early spring on the farm.
The Farmer took a few pics of the garlic field.
8145 pieces of various varieties.

Crazy for March 
The Farmer has never seen such a warm winter

After digging the 4800 head last year
The Farmer swore he would find a better way.
Introducing The Harvester.

Much easier on The Farmers back.
The rows need to be planted differently though.
There was far to much damage.
This pile is the result of harvesting 4000 pcs.
There's more to come

The Farmer is heart broken.
Every time he chops through a head.
He remembers crawling hands and knees
Planting his crop last fall.

The good ones are collected.
They are wiped off and set aside for tying.

The Farmer and The Farmers wife have been busy this week.
The first week of July is kind of early but
the crop is ready.

With The Farmers Wife helping
the loads were taken to the barn.
They will be hung for at least two weeks to cure.

Today July 6th 
The Farmer and The Farmers Wife have given up.
Its Just to hot for harvesting.

One thermometer at 100 and one at 95.
The Farmer doesn't care whats correct.
He just knows its to hot to work out there.

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